XYL Factory

1997: Built first factory in Dongguan
2010: Built factory in Henan
2011: Built R-Mat Factory in Dongguan
2015: LW matter O/S R&D
2016: Built factory in Vietnam

Plant Area: 12000/10000/18000/10000m2
Employee: 300/200/500/150 persons
Machine 80 sets for every factory
Output monthly: 30/0.55/36/20 million pcs

R-Mat outsole: 550,000 pairs monthly
R-Mat midsole: 550,000 pairs monthly
Rubber Logo/Component: 50 million pieces monthly

XYL technical help is available for factories using XYL materials and producing footwear/handbag for brands.
XYL has single piece of stuff is in compliance with specification.
XYL has partners with ITS and other testing company in China to develop standardized and repeatable protocols for testing.

XYL has had the privilege to work successfully with many brands for many years. That record of satisfaction is proof of our financial strength, product quality, excellent service, and competitive pricing.
XYL as demonstrated time and again to be a most trustworthy, loyal partner which is readily acknowledged by our mutual customers.
XYL has over 20 years of experience supplying internationally know shoe brands, handbags with the highest quality garnering a reputation second to none.

Proprietary foam compound offers strong points like compression set, abrasion resistance, traction and resilience.
It is molded via injection, cold-shot process, and compression.
The lab tests has shown that R-Mat has better cushioning, traction, and durability.
30% of materials are made by recyclable materials like bamboo, coconut shell, cork and so on. Recyclable materials make products more environmentally friendly and better smell on original rubber.